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Super Carry Ultra HD Available

Kimber has been backed up with production for quite some time now. We've seen deliveries taking as long as 8 to 10 months for standard models and well over a year for more custom models (Rimfire Super and Eclipse Custom 10mm). We're finally seeing a lot of models that were ordered back during the first week of February. Today we've got the Super Carry Ultra HD in stock. The Super Carry Ultra HD was introduced in January of 2011 as a variation on the 2010 Super Carry Ultra. The prior model is two tone and has an alloy frame while the HD version is all black and has a stainless steel frame. The Super Carry Ultra HD has night sights (with a cocking shoulder), front strap checkering, a stainless steel frame, G-10 grips, and a KimPro II coating on the slide and frame.
10 years ago