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Ultra CDP II Plus Available

Kimber Ultra CDP II Plus Last week we mentioned the Ultra CDP II Plus model from Kimber and while they weren't available last week, they are now. We just received a shipment with the new 2011 model. The big draw on the Ultra CDP II Plus (properly called the Ultra+ CDP II) is its 3" barrel and full size frame. This combination has been demanded for some time now by shooters with large hands or those wanting the extra grip. The full size frame will give more stability when shooting and allow the shooter to maintain a better grip. We've got a handful of photos of the new Ultra CDP II Plus and you can also see specs / ordering information in our store.
11 years ago

Super Carry Ultra+ and Ultra+ CDP II

Kimber Super Carry Ultra+ I shot some photos back in February of Kimber's two new + models - the Ultra+ CDP II (Ultra CDP II Plus) and Super Carry Ultra+ (Super Carry Ultra Plus) and for some reason, I forgot to post them. Even though the guns aren't available from the factory yet, they are still worth checking out. We have made recent inquiries about availability and it sounds like they'll start shipping in the next month or two. Originally we expected to have them by now.... The big draw to the Super Carry Ultra+ and Ultra+ CDP II is the full size frame and 3" barrel / slide combination. Both pistols are Custom Shop. There are some shooters who would love to have a full size frame but want a short slide - this meets their demands. One poster over at pointed out that this design is perfect for those carrying concealed in a shoulder holster.
11 years ago