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Rosewood Crimson Trace Grips for Solo Available

We just received a shipment of LG-408-P10 grips – the rosewood Crimson Trace laser grips for Kimber’s Solo. We’ve got them available for sale in our web store and photos are below.

10 years ago

Kimber Solo Carry Crimson Trace LG-408 Available

Kimber has finally started shipping the new LG-408 Crimson Trace laser grips for the Solo Carry pistol. The Crimson Trace grips were first shown off back in January at the SHOT Show when we were shown a set of rosewood grips on a Solo Stainless. To date, neither the Solo Stainless pistol or the rosewood Crimson Trace laser grips are available. Instead, we have the all black Solo Crimson Trace grips (LG-408) with front activation. You can see more photos or place an order in our store. Kimber Solo Crimson Trace laser grips LG-408
10 years ago

Solo Update... Where are they??

A lot of people are probably wondering where all the Kimber Solo's are. Well, so are we. We know that the stainless model (aluminum frame with silver finish - there has been a lot of confusion on this because it is not a stainless steel frame) is not yet shipping. My guess is that the factory is focusing on delivering as many two tone models as possible before producing / shipping the stainless model.. Based on a recent discussion with our factory rep, it is likely that shipping for the Solo Stainless will start in or after June. It would appear that the overall demand for Kimber's Solo was significantly higher than the factory anticipated at the time it was announced. For example, we currently have 300+ on order. I don't know how many the factory is producing per month but I'm guessing it isn't more than a thousand or two. There are at least 500 Kimber Master Dealers and probably around 1500 to 2000 dealers in total. Every dealer will have at least one on order and if they are like us, much more. You can do the math. Basically, the factory just can't keep up. They are producing and shipping as fast as possible but the demand is through the roof. 2011 is obviously the year of the subcompact 9mm - with the release of the Sig Sauer P290 and Ruger LCP, in addition to the Solo. As a minor side note, the retail price of the Solo has been increased by the factory. I honestly forgot the new price but I believe it is about $735. I'll post a correction if I find that to be wrong. As we hear updates or receive more news, we'll post it here. We closed the back orders on both Solo models over a month ago once we saw just how slowly Kimber's Solos were shipping. If you'd like to be notified about availability of either model, just send an email to [email protected]om. We'll contact everyone in order of their inquiry as pistols become available. On another note, we saw the rosewood Crimson Trace laser grip on a Solo Stainless back at SHOT Show in January. That grip has just appeared on the Crimson Trace website - strangely, the grip probably won't be available for sale until the fall. I'm not quite sure why Crimson Trace would advertise the grip when availability is worse than the Solo itself. The black LG-408 is supposed to be shipping sometime in the next month. Below is the graphic from Crimson Trace's website showing the LG-408 P10 - Rosewood finish. The grips will be sold exclusively through Kimber so we cannot buy them from Crimson Trace, unlike many other grips. We'll place an order for the rosewood Solo grips as soon as the factory starts taking orders. Rosewood Crimson Trace Laser Grips for Kimber Solo
11 years ago

LG-408 Crimson Trace Lasergrips for the Solo

Crimson Trace LG-408 for SoloWe just found some information about a soon to be release Crimson Trace laser grip for the Solo / Solo Stainless. The laser will be nearly identical to the rosewood model we saw recently at SHOT Show - except black. The model for the new Solo Crimson Trace is LG-408 and we've got 10 on order already. We're guessing it will be another month or two before they are available. If you want to be notified about availability, send an email to [email protected]
11 years ago