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2011 Upgraded Royal II at SHOT

Kimber 2011 Royal II We mentioned earlier in the month that Kimber was upgrading the Royal II for 2011 making it much fancier and definitely more expensive. The Turnbull finished Royal was on display at SHOT and we snapped a few photos. It is definitely beautiful and the finish is so shiny that it was hard to catch good photos in the SHOT environment. Below is what we ended up with and we'll hopefully be getting some of the first new Royal II models that Kimber ships! When we do, we'll post better quality photos. See all the photos.
11 years ago

Super Carry Pro HD, Custom HD, and Ultra HD Photos from SHOT

Kimber Super Carry Pro HD We had the opportunity to see and handle Kimber's newest 2011 additions including the new Super Carry HD family. These new pistols are all black and have a steel frame where the standard Super Carry models have an aluminum alloy frame. We have found that the Super Carry Pro is the most popular model in the family and after handling the new HD models, we're sure the Super Carry Pro HD will be the most popular in the group. We also hope that with the expansion of the line, it will lead to new accessories like grips. We'll keep our eyes open for any new grips from Kimber or third party makers and share news when we can. In the mean time, check out the photos from SHOT.
11 years ago

Kimber Solo Carry Interview at SHOT Show 2011

I had the opportunity to meet one of the Solo Carry engineers at SHOT Show this year and John was gracious enough to take some time to sit down with me and talk shop about the new subcompact 9mm from Kimber. Below is the video. Hopefully it will be insightful! See all of our Kimber Solo Carry coverage / news!
11 years ago

Looking forward to Shot Show 2011

SHOT Show 2011We do not yet know what 2011 will bring for the Kimber 1911 lineup but we're already putting out feelers to get information about models that will be released next year. SHOT Show is the biggest annual show for the firearms industry and most of the manufacturers, including Kimber, tend to show off their newest models. We will be attending SHOT and shooting video footage as well as still photos. We're hoping to have information about Kimber's 2011 models, where they be additions or discontinuations, before SHOT. We will also be posting photos daily from SHOT so you won't have to wait long to see the latest and greatest. If you have requests for information, video footage / interviews, etc, feel free to ask. We'll hopefully have an opportunity to meet a variety of Kimber staff ranging from marketing to production.
11 years ago