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Sig P320 AXG Equinox

New Sig Sauer Custom Works Pistol: P320 AXG Equinox

Sig Sauer just announced a new additon to the Custom Works line. The new P320 AXG Equinox follows the recent releases of the P320 AXG Scorpion and Spectre pistols. For those that are keeping track, Sig released a P226 Equinox about a year ago under the Custom Works line and they only made a total of 500 units available.
1 month ago
Sig P365 FCU

Sig Sauer Custom Works P365 Fire Control Unit Released

Exciting news for Sig fans! Today Sig announced the release of the P365 Fire Control Unit (FCU). The P365 FCU will be available within a week or two as Sig is ready to start shipping immediately! What is a FCU? For those not familiar, the FCU is the legal receiver / serialized component used in P365's (and also P320's). With the FCU you can build out a custom P365 using a wide variety of parts from many manufacturers.

5 months ago
Sig P320 X-Carry Legion Announced

Sig P320 X-Carry Legion Announced

Sig just announced the release of their latest Legion series handgun! The new P320 X-Carry Legion will feature familiar Legion features with a shorter barrel and slide compared to the X-Five Legion. Also notable is the threaded barrel. This marks the first threaded handgun released from Sig in probably two or more years. The new Legion is a great suppressor host for Sig's new MODX-9 suppressor!
7 months ago
Sig P320 X-Carry Tacops

Sig P365 XLRX

Military Times posted this week about a new Sig P365 XL variant called the XLRX. We assumed Sig would release an XL with Romeo1 preinstalled and it looks like it is coming in the near future.

The P365 XL has the optics cut but for anyone that doesn't yet own the XL (but wants an optic) the pre-configured package will likely be cheaper.

2 years ago
Sig P320 X-Compact Grips
Sig MCX Rattler Pistol
Sig MPX PCC Rifle Specs
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Sig P226 LDC

Sig P226 LDC

4 years ago