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Kimber Super Carry Ultra Photos

Kimber Super Carry UltraWe just received the first shipment of the new Kimber Super Carry Ultra 1911's. See detailed photos or specs/pricing in our store. These are available for order immediately.
12 years ago

Super Carry Pro Photos

Kimber Super Carry ProWe just received the Super Carry Custom and Pro models. We have posted detailed photos of the Super Carry Pro.
12 years ago

Super Carry Custom Photos

Kimber Super Carry Custom We just received the Super Carry Custom and Pro models. Below are some detailed photos of the Super Carry Custom. We'll have this model available in our store for sale within a few days. If you'd like to purchase one, feel free to call us at 573-859-6044. View the full Super Carry Custom photo gallery.
12 years ago

Super Carry Custom and Pro Shipping

Super Carry CustomWe just received word that the Super Carry Custom and Super Carry Pro models have started to ship. We may see them in as little as two days. If you have pre-ordered either of these models, we will be contacting you as soon as they arrive and turn them around to your dealer as quickly as possible. It is our understanding that these will be in very short supply - the demand for the Super Carry models is quite high and they are being allocated to each dealer despite how many or when they were ordered. If you're interested in purchasing a Super Carry model, free free to contact us at 573-859-6044. See more information about the Super Carry models.
12 years ago

So Where are the 2010 Models?

We've been in touch with our Kimber rep quite a bit over the last few weeks and we are just as eager as everyone else to see the new 2010 Kimber models. The latest word form Kimber is that the first batch of 2010 models will start shipping toward the end of April. I haven't been able to get any specific dates but we'll post updates as soon as we can get our hands on more information. Right now, the Super Carry family is one of the most desired families offered by Kimber. When they arrive, we'll shoot detailed photos and post them quickly.
12 years ago

Super Carry Pre Order

Kimber Super Carry Pre Order

We have started our pre-order on the Super Carry family - including the Custom, Pro, and Ultra. With the pre-order, we are allocating a total of 7 of each of the three models. The first to place an order will be the first to receive that Super Carry model when it ships. We are offering free shipping on all Super Carry models that are pre-ordered. Kimber is expecting to start shipping the Super Carry models between March and April of this year. We have a large order for these models and expect to be one of the first dealers to receive them. The required down payment to secure a model through the pre-order is $500 and when the guns arrive from Kimber we will contact you to make arrangements for the remaining $1,030. See more details and join the pre-order: Also see some recent posts related to the Super Carry line:
12 years ago

Updates in the Store

We've got a few new items that we recently added to our store... We also have a few sales running. Kimber Ultra Covert II1911 Sales
  • Covert Family: Pick up any of the Covert models (this sale has ended). The Ultra Covert II is one of the most popular models and has a 3" match grade barrel, night sights, and digital camo Crimson Trace lasergrips. See the full Covert line.
  • Crimson Carry Family:(this sale has ended). All the Crimson Carry models have a blue slide and a satin silver aluminum frame, match grade barrel, and Crimson Trace lasergrips. View the full Crimson Carry family.
New Items
  • New Crimson Trace grips - we've got the same digital camo laser grips now in our store. These are the same grips that are on the Covert models and are available for either compact or full size models. See all Kimber grips.
  • Eclipse Target II - we recently added the Eclipse Target II to the store.
  • Grand Raptor II - Kimber's Grand Raptor II is a Custom Shop model that has a hand fitted 5" match grade barrel, blue match grade trigger and frame, adjustable rear sights, a blued slide and stainless frame, and unique scale serrations on the slide, grips, and frontstrap checkering.
New Photos - we have been growing and continually adding new photos to our gallery. We now have detailed photos of nearly 50 different Kimber firearms. Coming soon
  • Pre order on the Super Carry, Centennial, TLE and RCP models. Now that Kimber has released the full specs for all of the new 2010 models, we will be posting the pre order in the next week. We will be taking a accepting a total of 7 pre orders on the three new Super Carry models, RCP, and TLE models. We will accept one pre order on the Centennial edition. After the pre orders are fulfilled, we start selling to anyone that wants to purchase or back order one of these new models. Kimber is expecting a minimum of 60 - 90 days before the new models start shipping to dealers.
  • More Crimson Trace grips - we will be adding even more Crimson Trace lasergrips to the store. Some will have the Kimber logo and some will not.
  • Osage County Guns/ exclusive Kimber 1911. We are going to be working with Kimber in the near future to build a limited edition (50 produced) exclusive handgun. We're working on the design and specs now - we're taking feedback and suggestions on features you want to see in a model. A few ideas that we are kicking around include a model similar to the Warrior but without the rail, an all black CDP, or perhaps a customized target model. Tell us what you'd like to see and we'll see if we can't integrate your idea.
  • More photos - we have a backlog of new photos that we will be adding to the gallery - including those taken this week at SHOT. Keep an eye on the gallery for updates!
  • A monthly newsletter - we'll soon be adding a newsletter signup. Members of the newsletter will receive information about upcoming or current sales, new models that are becoming available, special promotions, and other current Kimber related news.
12 years ago

Kimber Super Carry Photos from SHOT Show 2010

Kimber Super CarryWe're at SHOT Show in Las Vegas and as promised, we have a bunch of photos.... The lighting wasn't great so I apologize for the quality. We'll have a few more photos in the upcoming days and hopefully if it isn't as crowded, we'll get some better quality shots. See dozens of Super Carry Custom, Pro, and Ultra photos.
12 years ago

Super Carry Specs & Photos

Kimber Super Carry ProWe just got our hands on a copy of the new 2010 Kimber catalog and have some great details to share... Below is an excerpt from P4:
Super Carry .45 ACP pistols from the Kimber Custom Shop take performance to an extreme. A light weight aluminum frame makes them easy to carry, and custom features like round heel and Carry Melt for smooth edges, night sights with cocking shoulder and KimPro II self-lubricating finish are standard.
Below is more info from P34 & 35:
The new standard of personal defense. Super Carry .45 pistols are made in the Kimber Custom Shop to unequaled requirements of usability, dependability and performance. Light, powerful and loaded with the very best features for concealed carry, this is the pistol to have on your side... The Super Carry family was designed with a single purpose, to be the finest concealed carry pistols available today. Night sights, ambidextrous thumb safety and match grade trigger group are standard. Stainless steel slides and light weight aluminum frames wear KimPro II, a proprietary high-tech finish that is self-lubricating and extremely durable. The Super Carry Custom has a 5-inch stainless steel match grade barrel, the Super Carry Pro has a 4-inch bull barrel and the Super Carry Ultra has a 3-inch bull barrel plus a frame with shorter grip. Super Carry pistols combine dynamic style with outstanding quality and performance - just what you expect from Kimber.
Continue reading for more information about the Super Carry family including full specs and photos.
12 years ago

Kimber 2010 Models

We've got some exciting news!! Kimber just sent over some basic information on their 2010 additions. We don't have spec sheets or photos yet but we'll post any information we can get our hands on... Below is a list of the new models being added to the 2010 Kimber 1911 lineup: TLE II Family
  • Ultra TLE II - MFG # 3200242 - Obviously this will be a 3" TLE II with a blue finish, night sights, and frontstrap checkering
  • Ultra TLE II (LG) - Crimson Trace Lasergrips - MGF # 3200241 - Same 3" model as above but this will have the Crimson Trace lasergrips instead of the standard rubber grips native to the TLE line
  • Stainless Ultra TLE II - MGF # 3200239 - Again - this is going to be a 3" model with a stainless frame, night sights, and frontstrap checkering
  • Stainless Ultra TLE II (LG) - Crimson Trace Lasergrips - MFG # 3200244 - just like the Ultra TLE II LG but in a stainless finish
  • Stainless Pro TLE II - MFG # 3200238 - This is a 4" TLE with a stainless finish and full size grips - frontstrap checkering and night sights are standard
  • Stainless Pro TLE II (LG) - Crimson Trace Lasergrips - MFG # 3200237 - like the above model but add the Crimson Trace lasergrips
Read the rest of 2010 Kimber Model Post
12 years ago