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Kimber 1911 Magazines Make Great Stocking Stuffers!

Kimber Tactical Pro MagazineAre you looking for a great stocking stuffer for a 1911 enthusiast? Head over to our store and take a look at Kimber's Tactical Pro magazines. Most 1911 owners would be happy to receive extra magazines for their beloved Kimber 1911 and they aren't too expensive. At $30 each, you can get an 8 round Tactical Pro magazine for a full size frame or a 7 round Tactical Pro magazine for a compact frame. These magazines ship with a bumper kit that lets you add one of two sized rubber bumpers. Check out a previous post where we compare the Tactical Pro magazine to a regular Kimber magazine.
12 years ago

Kimber Tac Pro Magazines vs Regular Kimber Magazines

Recently a few customers made inquiries about the differences between Kimber's KimPro Tac Mag and regular magazines. There is quite a big difference between the two styles of magazines and the price difference is minimal. In the photos below, the Pro Tac magazine is on the left and the regular magazine is on the right. Both are the compact 7 round magazines. You'll notice on the regular magazine that the weld is visible. On some of Kimber's magazines (not the pictured ones) there is a small elevated bump in the middle of the ramp that may cause feeding issues on the last round in some very limited conditions.
13 years ago