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Recoil Reduction

We have been in touch with a company in California that offers recoil reduction muzzle breaks for rifles and shotguns. They also offer a recoil reduction treatment for handguns. The process involves laser porting the top of the slide and barrel. The company says that on a 5" 1911, the recoil will be reduced by 95% and roughly 50% on a 3" model. We send in one of our personal Kimber Ultra Covert II models for the treatment so that we can put it to the test.
12 years ago

Kimber Ultra Covert II on Sale

We are running a sale on the Ultra Covert II for the next two weeks...
Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II Kimber Ultra Covert II
12 years ago

Just Received: Kimber Ultra Covert II

We just received a Kimber Ultra Covert II and it is available in stock. Kimber Ultra Covert II - MFG # 3200167 - $1509 View the full specs for this model in our store. If you are interested in this model or another Kimber model, please contact us. Be sure to review our policies for pistol sales and transfers before your purchase.
13 years ago