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Sig Sauer P320 Grip Modules

Sig Sauer's P320 and P250 grip modules allow you to change the size and circumference of the grip on your pistol.

Shop for replacement Sig P320 / P250 grip modules at great prices! One of the benefits to the P320 and P250 line is that the grip modules are interchangeable. You can change the height and circumference of the grip. Be sure to read our blog post detailing the differences between the old style and new style grip modules and slide catch lever.

P320 / P250 Grip Module Installation

Installing a grip module on a P320 or P250 is quite easy!

  1. Remove the magazine and clear the pistol.
  2. Lock the slide back.
  3. Rotate the takedown lever down 90 degrees to its stopping point.
  4. Remove the slide.
  5. Remove the takedown lever.
  6. Remove the fire control unit by lifting forward and up on the rail (you can put light pressure on the back of the trigger pushing up and forward to assist). Lift the fire control unit from the grip module.
  7. Insert the fire control unit in the new grip module.
  8. Insert the takedown lever and rotate down 90 degrees to its stopping point.
  9. Mount and lock back the slide.
  10. Rotate the takedown lever up 90 degrees to its stopping point and insert an empty magazine.
  11. Release the slide and double check to ensure the pistol is empty and clear. Point in a safe direction after double checking that the chamber is clear and there is no live ammunition in the magazine or chamber. Then pull the trigger to make sure it is functioning properly.

Why buy a replacement Grip Module?

Grip modules can be stippled (textured) using a soldering iron to enhance the texture and make the grip more or less aggressive. This helps ensure minimal movement of the pistol in the shooter's hands.

Another reason to change the grip module would be to change the size of the grip. For example, you can use a subcompact grip module on a compact pistol. This would reduce the height of the pistol and allow the use of a subcompact magazine.

The final reason to change grip modules is to change the circumference of the pistol to accommodate a shooter's smaller or larger hands. The full size and compact models ship with medium circumference grip modules. Subcompact pistols ship with small circumference grip modules. The graphic below shows the size of each grip module:
Sig P320 Grip Module Circumference

Gen1 vs Gen2 (Updated) Grip Module and Slide Catch Lever Update

In April of 2016, Sig updated the design of the grip module and slide catch lever. The updated design reduces the likelihood of accidentally locking the slide back by high riding thumbs or wearing gloves while shooting. We outline the differences in the two designs in our blog post and explain how to differentiate between the two.

Grip Modules for Pistols with Manual Safety

If you own a P320 with a manual safety and want to buy a replacement grip module, you've got a couple options. First, Sig is starting to release some new grip modules with the channel pre-cut for the manual safety. The vast majority of grip modules do not have the channel cut to allow the grip to seat with the installed safety. The easiest way to work around this is to use a dremel and cut the channel into the grip. If you have an existing grip module, you can take measurements from it to gauge the exact position needed for that channel.

Caliber Specific Grip Modules

The P320 grip modules are caliber specific. 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 Sig models use one variant and .45 ACP uses a different one. The descriptions and part numbers will call out which grip module is for the 9/40/357 or .45 ACP versions. Please be aware of this when shopping for a grip so that you don't end up with the wrong caliber grip.