Sig Sauer P365 9mm 10-Round Magazine w/ Finger Extension

Sig Sauer P365 9mm 10-Round Magazine w/ Finger Extension

Springfield 1911 EMP4 9mm 9rd Magazine

Springfield 1911 EMP4 9mm 9rd Magazine

Sig Sauer P365/XL 9mm 12rd Magazine

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Sig Sauer P365/XL 9mm 12rd Magazine. These magazines are now compatible with the P365 XL!

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Are you shopping for P365XL 12rd Magazines? These magazines now include the second floor plate that makes them compatible with both regular P365 pistols as well as the P365 XL! These magazines will be stiff and some customers find them difficult to load. We recommend using a Maglula Uplula magazine loader.

This is a brand new OEM Sig Sauer P365/XL 9mm 12-Round Extended Magazine.

Sig Sauer designed the P365 magazine first and then engineered the firearm around the magazine. The firearm and magazines are extremely small. Because of the size of the magazine and capacity, the springs are stiff.

Please note that these magazines are extremely difficult to load. We have received a number of complaints and inquiries from customers that believe the magazines are defective or have incorrect springs. The mags are not defective but due to the very compact nature of the magazines, the springs are very tight when new. The magazines will loosen up some over time with use. Using a mag loader will help as well.

Also note that we have had a few inquiries from customers regarding marks or what appears to be wear on the magazines. We have observed that quite a few of the magazines have minor marks that appear to be from testing. We called Sig they confirmed they do batch test magazines that could account for some of the marks on the magazines.

Frequently asked questions about the P365 12rd magazines:

Q: Your website says these are in stock. Are they really in stock? A lot of other dealers say they are in stock but then after ordering it turns out they are not in stock.
A: If our website says they are in stock, they are in stock. It is really sad that it is necessary to even have this as a FAQ item but we receive multiple phone calls every day because so many other dealers suck at what they do (or are drop shipping from a distributor) and don't really have them. This often happens with drop shipping because the dealers list inventory at their distributor and they really don't have a handle on what they have listed on their website. We stock all of our inventory in house and don't rely on distributors to fill your order after you order it.

Q: How are you selling these so cheap? Are they real Sig OEM magazines?
A: We buy these magazines by the pallet and that allows us to pass on savings to you. These are OEM Sig Sauer magazines and not a third party knock off magazine.

Q: Is this compatible with the P365 and P365XL?
Yes. Sig Sauer is now shipping these magazines with a flush-fit floorplate for the P365XL as well as the extended floorplate for the standard P365.  We have seen either floorplate preinstalled from the manufacturer.  You may need to swap out the floorplate depending on which gun you have (XL or non-XL) and which floorplate Sig Sauer installs at the factory.  The extension piece is only for the standard P365.

Q: The last couple rounds are difficult to load by hand.  What do I do?
A: The springs on the 12 and 15 round magazines are stiff, especially at first.  Sig Sauer suggests loading the magazine with as many rounds as you can and let the magazine sit for a couple weeks to help break in the spring.  The magazine should feed just fine, but it does take time before it's easier to hand load. Some customers may still find it difficult. We recommend using a Maglula Uplula magazine loader or another loader of your choice.

Q: I have a P365XL.  What do I do with the 2-piece basepad?
Nothing. The 2-piece pad is only for the standard P365 and is not used on the P365XL.  The magazine is the identical to the 12rd magazine that ships with your XL when configured with the flushfit XL floorplate Do not attempt to stack the P365 floorplate on the magazine body and insert it into your P365XL.  You will fail to lock the magazine into your gun and it could fall out and hit your foot.  That could hurt.  We don't want you to get hurt.

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UPC Code798681583621
ManufacturerSig Sauer
Mag Capacity / Rounds12rd
Accessory RailNot Applicable
WarrantyWarranty provided by Sig Sauer.
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