Firearm Purchase Process

The process for purchasing firearms online is relatively simple.

1. First, you will order on our website or call us and we’ll complete the purchase transaction. 

2. Next you will locate a federally licensed firearms dealer in your area and have them email or fax a copy of their Federal Firearms License (FFL) to us. Our email for FFL’s is [email protected] and our fax number is 314-558-8429. Be sure your receiving dealer includes your name and model of pistol being purchased with his FFL to help expedite shipping and eliminate confusion.

3. We will ship the pistol to your local dealer that send their FFL. The local dealer will register the pistol to you and you’re ready to go. Note that in some states, a waiting period may be required by law. You’ll want to discuss any statewide regulations with your local dealer. Additionally, there is typically a nominal transfer fee charged by your receiving dealer to cover the cost of handling the paperwork for registration.

4. For additional shipping information, see our terms and conditions.

Note that Missouri residents will add 6.475% for sales tax.

FFL Transfer FAQ

Q: I have never ordered a firearm online and don't know where to find a transferring dealer. Can you help?
A: Yes! We maintain a database of receiving dealers that we have shipped to in the past. We can check our database and try to locate a dealer near you.

Q: I know the dealer I want to use and I verified that you have their license on file. Do I need to contact them still?
A: Yes. We recommend contacting the receiving dealer for a few reasons. First, most want to note your contact information so if there is any problem they can contact you. Second, each dealer may charge a different transfer fee. You should verify the cost of the transfer in advance so you understand the costs on their end.

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
A: We do not charge sales tax unless the firearm is being delivered to an address in the state of Missouri. It is strongly recommended that you check with your receiving dealer to see if they are obligated by state laws to collect the sales tax on their end. Certain states like California and Washington require receiving dealers to collect the sales tax regardless of where you made the purchase. It is best to ask the dealer if he will charge tax on the transfer.

Q: I don't know what dealer I want to use but I don't want to risk the firearm selling out. Can I order now and supply FFL information later?
A: Yes! Once you place your order we reserve the inventory for your order. You can have your receiving dealer supply his license to us at a later time or if you need assistance we can help locate a dealer to handle your transfer.

Q: Do you need a copy of my receiving dealer's license or can he just give you the license number?
A: We need a legible (and signed) copy of a valid license. This can be supplied to us via email ([email protected]), fax (314-558-8429), or postal mail (PO Box 709, Belle, MO 65013). Please note that it is very important that your dealer references your order number and name with the license. Without this we may not be able to match the license to your order and this could lead to significant processing delays.

Q: I've already purchased online and my dealer sent his FFL. When will my order ship?
A: If you ordered in item that is in stock and not a pre-order, it normally ships within one to three business days.

Q: Will I receive a tracking number once my order ships?
A: Yes, our system will automatically email you with a shipping confirmation and tracking number.

Q: I don't know the specific laws in my state. What should I do?
A: It is always recommended to check with your local receiving dealer to verify the specific firearm you want to purchase is legal for you to obtain.

Q: Does Osage County Guns ship to California?
A: Yes, but it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all purchases are legal to own and transfer in California. California firearm purchasers must download and complete a dealer transfer approval form for all firearms shipped into California. Law enforcement officers are not required to complete this form if exempt from CA firearm regulations.