Gray Guns HK P30 (w/ Safety) Short Reset System

Gray Guns HK P30 (w/ Safety) Short Reset System

Gray Guns Hard Duty Use SIG P320 Magazine Extended Base Pad

Gray Guns Hard Duty Use SIG P320 Magazine Extended Base Pad

Gray Guns H&K USP / HK45 Short Reset System

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Gray Guns H&K USP / HK45 Short Reset System
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This product from Grayguns replicates the the short reset conversion for HK pistols found in our custom action work in a convenient, easy to install kit. These parts are precisely wire cut EDM from ground bar stock to exacting tolerances for easy install and a precise fit. They are properly heat treated and coated in a durable nickel PTFE finish for a lifetime of durability and smooth function.

The kit is engineered to provide several benefits:

  • Shortens trigger reset travel distance by approximately 30 percent
  • Converts the action to drive the sear directly off the control latch – instead of transferring energy through the catch – for a direct drive connection between the control latch and sear
  • Reduced trigger over travel values
  • Maintains all factory safety functions
  • Simplifies install and reassembly as control latch can be installed separate from the catch. (Similar to the P30 and P2000.)
  • Works with both DA/SA and LEM variants
  • Included Grayguns Firing Pin Block Spring reduces stacking in DA pull and lightens trigger pull


The parts provided – control latch, extended sear roll pin and firing pin block spring – are designed to be installed together as a complete system.

  • Custom-designed Grayguns Control Latch
  • Custom replacement Firing Pin Block Spring
  • Custom replacement Extended Sear Roll Pin

Fit Guide

The kit works with all variants of the HK USP and HK45 – both DA/SA and LEM variants – with or without a thumb safety.

Our kits will not fit the following variants:

  • Double Action Only pistols
  • MK23
  • Early USP models with joined one piece catch, control latch or models that have the short catch that stops the hammer rather than spur. These older versions are rare and usually easily identified because they lack the rubber coating on the hammer thumb stud.


These parts are intended for installation by a qualified armourer or gunsmith. In some cases professional fitting will be required by a trained, qualified armorer/gunsmith who is very familiar with the pistol’s action. This is due to the varying tolerances present in all mass-produced firearms. Although kits fit with no issues in a great majority of pistols, Grayguns is unable to guarantee perfect functionality in every instance. Grayguns does offer installation services for all parts kits we offer.

Our gunsmiths have determined a variance in some HK45/USP trigger bars. Some guns have an angle cut on the front side of the sear on the Trigger bar. We have found that installing our parts in a firearm with the extra cut will induce some issues within the gun. In Double action mode with the safety on the trigger bar allows the hammer to drop on to the catch as if it were being de-cocked. We do not recommend our parts being used with a Trigger bar that has this extra cut. However the gun will not go off in the case of the extra cut. Please consult with your local AUC/gunsmith if you do not know how to check your trigger bar.

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