Osage County Guns offers law enforcement and military discounts for both Sig Sauer and Springfield Armory. Each program does have different limitations and qualifications.

Sig Sauer SPP / APP

Sig Sauer's LE / military program is called SPP (Sig Professional Program) but it was previously called APP (Armed Professional Program). We have a website dedicated to Sig Sauer's program because there are quite a few firearms offered. You can see our full Sig APP / SPP inventory on our dedicated site at https://thesigapp.com.

Sig Sauer's program requirements and qualifications are listed on the bottom of the SPP homepage.

Note that the Sig Sauer SPP firearms and optics are not always the same items sold on the commercial market. Sig Sauer firearms and optics offered on OsageCountyGuns.com are separate inventory and have different pricing. Discounted items on https://thesigapp.com have a W prefix in the part number. This is what sets those items apart from commercial inventory. Sometimes we have a similar item in stock at our OsageCountyGuns.com site but it is out of stock on the SPP site. This is because we order inventory for each site separately and independently. Generally speaking accessories like magazines and parts are the same price and part number on both websites. This is because we often sell commercial inventory at the same price or cheaper than the SPP price.

Springfield Armory Firstline

Springield Armory Firstline ProgramSpringfield Armory's LE / Military program is called Firstline. We do not have a separate website for Springfield's Firstline program like the Sig SPP / APP program but all Firstline inventory is available and can be viewed here on our main website. Springfield Armory Firstline product part numbers all end in FL. Regular commercial inventory is separate and does not qualify for the Firstline discount.

Participants are limited to one purchase of each type of firearm (Hellcat®, Hellion, XD®, 1911, Saint® or M1A) per calendar year.

View the Springfield Armory Firstline Program Qualifications.

View all Springfield Armory Firstline firearms.