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Update 1-8-2020

We've sent out emails to the winners with notifications and instructions to complete the transaction! Congratulations!

M17 Surplus Winner Notification Emails

Update 1-7-2020

We have completed the first drawing and will be notifying the winners by email tomorrow. We are setting up a hidden page on our website and will email the winners to confirm they want to complete the purchase. After we have confirmation, we will email them a link to the page to complete the purchase. The video of the drawing is below.

As pointed out by one of the members, when we were shooting the video we erroneously had a 1 in front of three of the sets of numbers drawn when matching them up to our spreadsheet. That shifted the winners for those three. At the end of the day, the purpose was to be random with the drawing (which we were). We will allocate any cancellations to the correct three and then firearms from the next shipments we receive. That is how we'll fix it...

Update 1-3-2020

We have had a few inquiries and we've seen posts on regarding our drawing. We are going to be holding the drawing on Tuesday January 7 to select the individuals that may purchase the M17's we received. We have another order in place with Sig with no certain ship date but those pistols will also go into our lottery drawing. You'll be automatically entered for the subsequent drawing if you've signed up. We'll leave the signup open until that shipment arrives. We will notifiy the first group winners by email with instructions to complete the purchase and if any pass, we'll draw additional names. We want to emphasize that we ARE NOT auctioning these guns on GunBroker. We are committed to providing a fair method of allocating who can purchase and holding our price.

Why are we waiting until Tuesday to draw the winners? Because we have all available staff processing outbound shipments of back ordered P365 12rd magazines.

Original Content Below:

We have received an extremely high volume of phone calls and emails regarding Sig Sauer's M17 Surplus pistol. We do not expect to receive very many and the demand far exceeds Sig's supply.

To be as fair and impartial as possible, we will be holding a lottery to determine who will be eligible to buy the M17 Surplus pistols that we receive. When we draw the names, we will call or email each individual and allow 48 hours for the individual to commit to completing the purchase. If the individual passes, we will choose another name at random from the list of those that signed up. The expected price will be $719.99 including shipping (tax applies in MO).

If you quality for the Armed Professional Program, we may have additional pistols available in the next few weeks.

Use the form below to enter the lottery for the M17 Surplus pistols. We expect to draw the winners on January 2 (assuming the pistols have been delivered to us by then). You may only enter one time. If you enter multiple times, all entries will be invalidated.

We will post updates on this page if any new information becomes available.