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Your source for everything Sig Sauer P365

Osage County Guns is your go-to source for all things Sig P365. We stock P365 pistols, magazines, grip modules, springs, replacement barrels, and parts needed for ongoing maintenance.

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2 Item(s)

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Why Buy Your Sig P365 and Accessories from Osage County Guns?

There are many reasons that Osage County Guns should be your primary go-to source for Sig P365 related purchases!

Osage County Guns is one of Sig Sauer's largest single location dealers and we stock nearly every part and accessory offered for the P365. We also order in such volume that we are often able to pass discounts onto you. We also source third party products for the P365 including Gray Guns grips and triggers.

We also offer free shipping on all Sig Sauer firearms sold on osagecountyguns.com so if you're in the market for a P365 pistol, you can order from us and it will ship for free. We also offer some packages including additional magazines or holsters and those packages are generally priced lower than if you were to buy the firearm and magazines / holster separately.

We also offer free shipping on Sig Sauer accessory orders where you spend $100 or more on Sig Sauer parts and accessories. That means if you're shopping for P365 magazines, you will receive free shipping if you buy three or more magazines. Shipping is added to the order for non-Sig items but the Sig portion of the order won't have shipping charges. Our free shipping on $100 of accessories does exclude ammo due to the weight of shipping the ammo.

Fast order processing is another reason to consider Osage County Guns for your P365 needs. We process nearly all orders in one business day which means you'll receive your order faster than purchases elsewhere.

We warehouse all our inventory which is becoming less common in the firearm industry. Many dealers drop ship inventory from a distributor. That means when you order it, they're actually just sending the order to their distributor and then the distributor has to process and ship the order. If they ship it to the dealer first, that dealer has to repackage and re-ship the order to you adding a significant delay in order processing. It is easy to identify drop shippers because many show their products in a warehouse with messaging like "Available at Warehouse A" or "Available at our Phoenix Warhouse". That generally means they really don't have the item at their real location. Since we do warehouse our inventory, there is minimal processing time. Additionally, housing our own inventory allows us to better answer questions you have about the items we sell. Many customers inquire about the manufacturing date of the P365 pistols. We have them at our store and don't have to put you on hold to call the distributor to ask for a date and then hope that is the one they ship.

Finally, we shoot most of our photos in house. We have a dedicated photo studio in our building where shoot nearly all of our product photos. This means you get a better visual representation of the products we are selling and you are buying.