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Osage County Guns stocks a wide variety of Sig Sauer products including most commercial firearms, suppressors, optics, parts and accessories offered.

We offer free shipping on all Sig Sauer firearms and suppressors purchased at along with all Sig Sauer accessory purchases exceeding $100 (ammo excluded).

For military, police, fire and first responders, please be sure to check out our dedicated Armed Professional Program website where qualified individuals can purchase at special pricing.


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Why Buy Sig Sauer Products from Osage County Guns?

We would love the opportunity to serve you for any of your Sig Sauer related needs. We feel strongly that Osage County Guns is a better choice than most other retailers for a variety of reasons.

Sig Sauer Elite Dealer
Osage County Guns is an Elite Dealer and this ensures that you can have a high level of confidence when shopping with Osage County Guns. There are very few Elite Dealers in the country and only the largest and strongest Sig Sauer stores can achieve this dealer level. We also have one of the largest Sig Sauer Elite stores in the country!

Sig Sauer Elite Store

Huge Inventory
We have a massive selection of Sig Sauer firearms, suppressors, optics, magazines and parts. We monitor our inventory closely and follow many Sig related forums, social media groups and blogs. We try to monitor which products are most popular and adjust our orders to minimize out of stock situations. We also order in very large quantities of items like Sig's P365 12rd magazine and rarely sell out.

We own and stock our inventory
This sounds like a novel concept but it is sadly becoming uncommon in the firearm industry. Distributors take advantage of smaller gun stores and sell them a website that lists the distributor's inventory on the dealer site. You've probably seen a dozen or more websites that look identical but have a different logo. That is a clear indicator that the dealer is a drop-shipper (or doesn't actually have or own the majority of the inventory that they represent they have). Even though you are buying the item on that dealer's site, the dealer doesn't own the inventory and then orders it from the distributor after he took your order and charged your card.

The negative effects are pretty apparent once you try to purchase from one of those companies. They have slow shipping time frames, charge large shipping fees on small orders, and very often cancel orders because the distributor oversold.

Osage County Guns owns and possesses all the inventory we list on our website. We don't sell inventory we don't have. This means, with very rare exceptions, we have everything in stock when the site says it is available.

Because we own our inventory and it is in house, we can assist you with any product related questions you may have.

Fast Shipping
We have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to shipping. We want to offer the same experience to our customers that we want to receive when we shop online. We know how much our customers value getting their orders quickly and staying up to date on the order progress. We ship most orders within one business day and we provide between four and six order update and tracking update emails for every order.

Reasonable Shipping Fees
We try our best to keep our shipping fees as low as possible. All Sig Sauer firearms and suppressors ordered at ship for free. All optics $100 and more ship for free. Sig parts and accessory orders totaling $100 or more ship for free. Ammo is the only exception on the $100 free shipping due to the weight but ammo shipment fees are calculated based on weight and distance.

Knowledgeable Staff
Our staff has been working with Sig Sauer for many years and we work closely with the factory reps to make sure we are up to date on all the latest releases and product updates on Sig Sauer products. More importantly, many of our employees own Sig Sauer firearms and suppressors (and optics for them) and shoot Sig products regularly. This allows us to better service our customers. There are times we may now know the answer to your question but we've got many contacts at the factory that are very quick to assist us for more technical inquiries.